COVID-19 Resources 


4/8/20 Midweek video 

Hey Everyone,

 To say this is an unusual time would be an understatement! It has been a challenge to find the best way to do student ministry in the absence of students! We miss you guys a ton! Even though we are not “together”, we want to stay connected! For the time being this is how we are going to work to stay connected.

 Wednesday Evening- Braden and Josh will post a video talking through our Wednesday Night teaching series. We encourage you to watch it sometime before Sunday morning. Have your Bible, and something to write with when you watch it. We encourage you to either watch it with your family, or with a friend via Facetime or the Houseparty App.

 Sunday morning @ 10 a.m. (unless you and your small group leader decide a different time)- we are having small groups based on what we talked about in the video from Wednesday. We are doing this via the Houseparty app. It is a good time to get together and see some friends face to face.

 We love you guys and want to visit anytime you can! Look online in the afternoons and see if Josh and Braden are on the Houseparty app!