We simply don’t want to have a student ministry, we want to have a ministry with a purpose. In C3, we strive to connect with God, connect with people, and connect people with God. Students take a lead role in our midweek services and serve throughout our community and world. We want a student to walk in the door and know that they are loved by us, and by God. We strive to reach a wide variety of students from all walks of life, show them Christ, and encourage them in their walk with Christ. So no matter your interests or passions, we have a place for you in C3.

Weekly Schedule:

Wednesdays- Midweek: Located in the PowerHouse
  • 4:45-5:45 – Middle school hangout at the Power House
  • 5:45-Doors open for all grades
  • 6:10- C3 Midweek Service
  • 7:10- Midweek service Ends

SUNDAYS- Small Groups located in the powerhouse
  • 8:45 am -Contemporary Service
  • 8:45- Traditional Service
  • 9:50 am – Small groups
  • 11:00 – Contemporary Service


Midweek is a time for students to connect with each, study God’s word, and having an awesome time. If you ever have any questions on what exactly is taking place, contact Josh @



Small Groups – Sundays @ 10 a.m. In the Powerhouse

We look at our small groups as your own personal student ministry within a student ministry. We have a small group for each grade and gender grades 6-12. Each small group has an adult leader and a college leader that are excited about the idea of investing in your life! There are 3 main goals for our small groups.

1. To help you connect to people your age, and hopefully develop relationships that will last a lifetime.

2. Help hold you accountable in your daily walk with God.

3. Take a look at some principles that God lays out and discuss how we can put them into action in our lives

Basically, we take what we discussed as a big group the Wednesday night before, and make it even more applicable to our life stage as a small group. This is not simply another Bible study, this is taking God word and putting it into action in our lives

Events .

To register for an event click below and head over to ourFirst Life and look under sign-ups.

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