Young Adult (singles)

Young Adults

Are you a single adult in your 20s or 30’s? Our ministry at First is for single adults from all walks of life. Whether you are in the work place, a non-traditional student or a grad student, we welcome you to join us as we seek to connect to the True Source of Life, Jesus Christ. We seek to help people grow spiritually through weekly Bible study, Monday Night discipleship, fellowships and through ministry and mission opportunities in a safe atmosphere where all are welcome.

Sunday Mornings

On Sunday Mornings, we invite you to be a part of our Young Adult Class. We gather on the third floor in Room 322 beginning at 950 am for a connection time. During this time we share a little food and overview ministry needs and fellowship opportunities. Then at 10:10 am, we dismiss for Bible study options. You can pick from options that include classes on books of the Bible, doctrine studies, life issues classes (God’s will for your life, money, time, etc…), Bible topic classes (spiritual gifts, the beatitudes, or maybe a Bible character study), classes on marriage and relationships, on parenting or on spiritual disciplines (Bible study, prayer, sharing your faith, etc…). The classes are from 10:10 am until 10:50 am and last for six weeks, then you can pick another. We believe during this time you’ll have an opportunity to connect with some great people and we also believe you’ll have the opportunity to further connect with God.

Monday Nights (follow us on facebook for summer get togethers)

We know everyone can’t make Sunday morning work into their schedule or that you may be serving somewhere else in church during that time. So on Monday nights, we offer a special time for fellowship, food and Bible study that’s called by the clever name—Monday Night. Monday Night begins at 6:30 p.m. and we meet in the back of the Depot at 211 Railroad (directly across the railroad tracks from Roma and Little Pizzoli’s). We gather at 6:30 p.m. and many grab a coffee or frozen drink at the counter of the Depot (drinks are ½ price, except on the first Monday of the month when we offer them for free) and we usually have a light snack meal to share. Then at 7:00 pm, we have a time of Bible study and worship where we try and be very practical and allow for lots of discussion. When we finish up around 7:35-7:40 pm, some hang around and talk, some play board games or cards, others watch MNF and some have to head out to study or to get ready for the next day. On Monday Nights, we have folks from several churches so all are welcome and no doubt you‘ll get the opportunity to connect with some great people—so come join us on a Monday Night!

Food Fellowship

On the 3rd Monday Night of the month, we do an abbreviated Bible study at 6:40 pm and then head to a downtown location to share a meal together. Now if you don’t want to eat; we invite you to just join us for a beverage and fellowship. On the first Sunday morning of the month, we encourage folks to come to our early service (8:45 am) and then after the Connection Class those who’d like to share a meal head to a local establishment at 11 a.m.

Other Fellowships

We try and have a quarterly get together at someone’s house for a game night, or we may gather and bowl, go to the movies, or a ballgame. Come here for a schedule of upcoming events. (listed below). We also encourage those who attend to just schedule impromptu get togethers—if this interests you, you’ll have the opportunity to share your contact with class members, and they’ll give you a shout out when something is being planned.

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