Vision 20/20

Our 20/20 vision is the plan our Pastor Chris Craig has for our church ending in the year 2020. It includes ways for us to achieve our purpose statement, to Love, Win, and Grow Ruston!

Our Vision Statement

  • To Love Jesus Loudly and Proudly
  • To Love Each Other, Ruston and the world loudly and proudly
  • To Win Ruston and the World to Christ
  • To Grow ourselves and Christians in Ruston and the World to look like Jesus Christ

Building and Facilities Vision

  • To have a new Children and Preschool Building
  • To have a new Gym and Chapel
  • To have the new facilities largely paid for
  • To have our current buildings in the best shape possible, through updating and remodeling, to meet expected future needs

Missions and Ministries Vision

  • Average 1100 or more in our Sunday morning worship service at the end of the year 2020
  • Average 800 or more in Connection Groups at the end of year 2020
  • Baptize 560 or more  by 2020
  • Have a satelite church or a mission point ministering to an area of need in Ruston
  • Give at least $2.5 million in total missions, locally and throughout the world
  • Total receipts being greater than expenditures annually beginning in 2012
  • Complete 27 mission trips outside of Ruston
  • Have at least 400 people complete the discipleship program “A Call to Joy”
  • For our church to give Ruston 800 hours of free labor, the equivalent of one worker giving 20 weeks of free labor