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Wildlife Activity Points to Creator . . .

Wildlife Activity Points to Creator . . .


We depend on our calendars to let us know the date and time of year. As reliable as calendars are, God has provided us another fail-safe way to tell the time and season of year. In Job 12:7 (NIV), it becomes quite clear . . . "Ask the animals and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you."


When you hear the night cries of migrating geese headed south or see the zagged "V" against a cold blue sky, you don't need a calendar to let you know winter is coming.


Deer hunters are aware that when the animals lose their reddish summer coats that are replaced by heavier brown insulated hair or when male deer lose the velvet covering their antlers, it's time for a season change to cooler weather.


On the flip side, the arrival of certain song birds in spring gives notice that vibrant 




Beautiful rose-breasted grosbeak adoring Glynn and Kay Harris back yard. 

Photo Credit:  Glynn Harris

life  is returning to a world that has been dark and drab for months. Who doesn't get excited at hearing the twitter of the first purple martin to arrive from the tropics or the pass-through visit to back yard feeders of the stunningly beautiful rose breasted grosbeak?


We have several calendars displayed around our home to remind us of doctor's appointments, birthdays, holidays, and such. As helpful as these are, I find it more exciting to depend on God's creatures to let me know if it's time shuck a warm jacket or dig one out of the back of the closet.


Glynn Harris


Award-winning Outdoors Writer/Broadcaster, who is married to Kay.

Deacon, First Baptist Church, Ruston, Louisiana



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