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      Luke 24:18-31
"Ought not Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into His glory?" Luke 24:26(NKJV)
This lesson teaches that Jesus reveals His identity to those who seek Him. The focus of our Scriptures is upon the risen Lord who appeared to two of His followers after the resurrection. The Emmaus Road experience taught the men more than they knew before about God and His purpose for mankind. Even so, He will reveal His identity to those of us
who seek Him.
QUESTIONS   (Luke 24:18-26)
The risen Lord came beside two of his confused and bewildered disciples. They did not recognize Jesus. When asked what they were discussing, they couldn't believe that one person existed in Jerusalem who did not hear or know about the explosive information. "What things?" he asked. They explained their Hope, Jesus of Nazareth, had been crucified.
He was a powerful prophet in word and deed. Just as he was about to redeem Israel, they crucified Him. They had hoped He would be the one to redeem Israel. The Emmaus men then described the women's visit to the tomb and found no one. Their report was verified by Peter and John.
ANSWERS  (Luke 24:25-27)
Jesus, whom they still did not recognize, insisted they were foolish for wallowing in disbelief. Listen up. Wasn't it necessary for Him to suffer and endure crucifixion and enter into His glory?  "Enter into His glory?" refers to the resurrection. Resurrection is the glorious victory of eternal life over sin.  He then interpreted Scriptures concerning Himself from Moses on. The Greek term translated "interpreted" is our word ”hermeneutics." Seminary students are well acquainted with the term which means the process of biblical interpretation. Today, divine guidance is needed for us to properly interpret and apply the Scriptures. God has given us all we need to trust and obey Him. 
RECOGNIZED   (Luke 24:28-31
When the two men arrived home, they invited Jesus to remain with them and to host their evening meal. The sun was about to set and traveling alone was dangerous. After reclining at the table, Jesus prayed and blessed the food. Then it happened. Their eyes were opened and they recognized Him. Then He disappeared from their sight. They unwittingly had been talking to Jesus and verified what the women and Apostles declared. Jesus was alive! Jesus told Thomas that he believed because he saw and touched Jesus. Blessed are those who believe who have not seen Him. Jesus' resurrection body was not limited by space or time--he could walk through closed and locked doors. Because He lives, one day our resurrection bodies will no longer be limited.  And John the Revelator said there would be no more grief, crying, and pain. Plus, we will see our Lord face to face.  O glorious day! 
Charles Foxworth
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Scripture is taken from THE NEW KING JAMES VERSION, 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All Rights Reserved. 
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