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Remembering a Special Dad . . .

Remembering a Special Dad . . .


In his younger days, my dad was a "rounder," a rough and rowdy life-style that continued into his early years of marriage to my mother. Then God came into his life and he accepted Christ. The only dad I ever knew exemplified a committed Christian life.


After his death in 1976, I inherited his tattered Bible.  Turning the pages, I found a treasure trove of notes, underlined scriptures and clippings that gave credence to the type of man my dad was.


I discovered recently something that I had written about the last days of dad's earthly life. "In September, we learned the news that dad had at most, six months to live. I have seen other people given this news all but come apart, but dad didn't. I don't mean to imply that he was looking forward to death; it's natural for humans to want to live. Dad wanted to live but he spent his last months not much differently than he did the 66 years before his death."


"His future was assured and he knew it because there was that time when as a young man, he invited Christ into his life.  As a result, my brother, sister, and I had the privilege of Christian upbringing afforded by him and our mother."


His last months were spent in the hospital, and I personally saw him witnessing to other terminally ill patients, sharing God's love and saving power.


Dad's last words to me, the day before his death, have been a mighty source of  strength. He had just over-heard his doctor telling a colleague that his condition w




"Doc" and his Bible.


as terminal. "I know now I'll never leave the hospital. I know I'm going to die. But that's alright. I'm ready to go; in fact, I'm anxious."


Scanning the pages of his well-worn Bible  recently, a number of passages of Scripture he had underlined spoke volumes to me, indicating his desire to live; however, he was looking forward more to Heaven that awaited him.  Philippians 1:23 (KJV) was boldly underlined . . . "For I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ, which is far better."


Thank you, dad, on this coming Father's Day, for the legacy you left me and for this reminder of all . . . I and all Christians have to look forward to.


 Glynn Harris


Award-winning Outdoors Writer/Broadcaster, who is married to Kay.

Deacon, First Baptist Church, Ruston, Louisiana



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