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Living with Opposition . . .

Living with Opposition . . .

      . . . Titus 1:1-5, 10-16


While Timothy labored in Ephesus, Titus worked in Crete.  Titus had accompanied Paul on many missionary endeavors.  Earlier, Titus encountered opposition at the Jerusalem Council because he was not circumcised.  Paul came to his defense.  Paul outlined guidelines for his ministry.  Titus had established churches in Crete and helped in the selection of pastors. Qualifications for ministers were similar to those outlined in 1 Timothy 3.  Titus was to encourage the churches and denounce false teachers.


A SERVANT'S HEART (Titus 1:1-3)

Paul introduced himself as a servant of God and an apostle (one sent) of Jesus Christ. The "elect" Paul emphasized God's initiative toward us in salvation.  God loved us before we loved Him.  An old preacher said, "Once there was an election in heaven.  Three were present:  God, the devil, and me.  God cast His vote for me.  The devil cast his vote against me. And the way I cast my vote determines the election."  Two roads.  One way.  Few there be that enter it.  Hope refers to the assurance of a future reality.  We must choose this day whom we will serve.



Since Paul mentored Titus, he called him his true son in ministry, a brother, partner, and also a co-worker.  He and Titus probably served in Crete after Paul's release from Roman imprisonment.  Crete was a mountainous island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, about 55 miles in length.  A significant number of Jews lived there.  Titus was challenged to complete the work which had already been started.  This included refuting the false teachers and appointing elders in every church.



Paul warned Titus of the opposition he would face.  These Jewish loyalists were full of empty talk, rebellion, and taught works for salvation.  "Both Idle talkers and deceivers . . . whose mouths must be stopped . . .." Titus 1:10b-11a (NKJV)  "Silence them," Paul commanded.  Jews and Gentiles are saved by grace alone.  These enemies of the cross were selfish and mercenary . . .  who wanted to obtain money only.  Titus was to rebuke them thoroughly and lead them to become sound in the faith.  Believers were to avoid myths and rituals taught by these heretics because they rejected the truth and were disgusting to God.


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