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Learn to do Good . . .

Learn to do Good . . .


"Our people must learn to devote themselves to

doing what is good, in order to provide for urgent needs

and not live unproductive lives." Titus 3:14 (NIV)


As we move through the phases of life, our responsibilities and priorities change. As children we are not involved in buying groceries and planning meals, even though we expect to eat every day. We expect to have a place to sleep and transportation to get us where we need to go. Then there is a transition to adulthood when time demands and budget constraints force us to look after ourselves and our family. As we approach "old age," we hope we can depend on others to care for us in our declining years, as physical strength begins to wane. But what do we do about those needier than ourselves . . . of which there are many?


We are a part of communities beyond our family unit. There are neighbors, friends, social groups, and populations . . . we do not even know. There are needs unique to each group that must be addressed. On a broad scale, we pay taxes to maintain public roads and schools . . . along with the foundations of law enforcement, health care, and the courts. Financial support for these is assessed and demanded, not normally paid voluntarily from the heart.


However, pockets of personal needs are all around us . . . with origins coming from a variety of circumstances. Unemployment, physical disasters, health problems, hunger, homelessness, and mental depression are some of the causes that bring us down. Solutions are not always financial assistance, but charitable help can often bridge a gap. Personal attention through encouragement, running errands, doing physical chores, and prayers are of great help. Love in the context of New Testament agape extended to others from the most major dilemmas to the most minor ones will give new life and strength to those suffering and will be welcomed and appreciated.


Learning the value of doing good for others will also reward our own lives . . . realized in love returned and peace in our own hearts. The Apostle Paul's words to Titus are so true; we must learn to devote ourselves to others.


Ray Newbold


Professor of Forestry, (Ret.), Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, Louisiana

Writer, OPEN WINDOWS; Deacon--FBC, Ruston; Mission Work: Mexico




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