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HOPE ? ! . . .

HOPE ? ! . . .
I am a man who enjoys "guy" movies.  I like "Rambo" and "Rocky 1 through Rocky 78."  If you like other types of movies, that is great, this is just a taste issue.
Years ago, I was forced to see the movie "Hope Floats." It was not my flavor.  But the title:  "Hope Floats" still rings a bell.   Hope does float . . . it survives . . . it makes it.  Hope doesn't dissipate, sink, or disappear.  It remains at the top!
At the funeral of Christians, pastors often use 1 Thessalonians 4:13 (NIV).  This verse says . . . "But we do not want you to be informed, brothers, about those who are asleep, that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope."
This passage is talking about death.  It is saying as Christians, we grieve when we lose someone we love.  But, if that someone is a Christian and we are Christians, we grieve . . . but with hope.  Biblically . . . hope is not wishful thinking, but confident expectation of good.   We grieve the earthly loss of the loved one; however, we know we will see that loved one again.
This verse has wider application than just death.  We live in times that are uncertain and unnerving.  It is normal to have some fear and uncertainty, but hang on to hope!
We know God will never leave us!  Life is rather tough at times, but if we will live for HIM . . . HE will work out everything for the best and for our best.   We have hope!
Yes, the movie was not for me, but "Hope Floats"!
And our hope and trust in Jesus Christ will keep us
afloat during the "coronavirus year of 2020."
Hang on to Jesus!    Hang on to hope! 
Christ Craig
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Ruston, Louisiana
Author, Bible Prayer Book--"BECOMING A PERSON of PRAYER"--Book Publisher: Xulon Press, 2007
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