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Grace for the Moment . . .

Grace for the Moment . . .


When our lives crash around us, we tend to hurry faster to fix it. And by fixing it . . . we mean to restore it the way it was. During the last few weeks, I've found myself running faster and faster to get more parts of my life back in order . . . while abandoning my quiet prayer time . . . and just praying as I ran.     


However, last week as I passed a window, a movement caught my eye. A tiny bird was busy working . . . and I watched while she worked building a nest. It looked as though she was knitting!  She had long wild weeds and rough pine straw . . . and she was weaving all these together to make a little basket-shaped nest to attach to a tree branch. 


How did she know how to do this? As I stood and watched, I learned several lessons. Yes, indeed, God taught her how to do this . . . and He cared for her while she worked.  What is more . . . He stopped me in my tracks to watch her and to know that He cares for me, also. But in order to realize this anew, I had to be still long enough to hear Him.


"Be still and know that I am God . . .." Psalm 46:10a (KJV) (See Zechariah 2:13).


Vivian Lassiter


Elementary School Teacher (ret), Bible Teacher, Mother, Grandmother, Encourager, Lover of the LORD, family, and others.


[Editor's Note: Here in the virtual eThoughts Ministry, you are invited to join with us in welcoming a new team writer, Vivian Lassiter. The eloquent Vivian is one who is meticulous and graceful with her words and one who cherishes the beauty that words convey to the mind and to the ear. She writes soothingly with God's blessings until she pens the voice from God.

She was the wife of a former member of the eThoughts writing team, the Reverend Perry Lassiter, who recently passed on to be with his LORD.  Welcome Vivian to the team! nhs]


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