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God Saves . . .

God Saves . . .
         Isaiah 25:1-10a
"O Lord, You are my God.  I will exalt you, I will Praise your name, For you have done wonderful things; Your counsels of old are faithfulness and truth."  Isaiah 25:1 (NKJV) 
Isaiah was the first  of the Major Prophets.  Scholars called him . . . "The Prince of Preachers."  Isaiah lived in Judah, the southern kingdom of the divided nation of Israel.  He was a prophet of four kings of Judah from about 740 B.C. to 681 B.C.  His epistle details the two-sided nature of God's character:  mercy and judgment, grace and discipline, justice and forgiveness, exile and salvation.
SINGING PRAISE  (Isaiah 25:1-5)
The name "Lord" (Yahweh) emphasizes God's all-encompassing presence and sovereignty with His people.  This truth was enough to make the prophet exalt and praise the mighty name who worked wonders in the universe which He created.  Isaiah even cited the mighty acts of judgment God performed in the past as turning the city into a pile of rocks.  Isaiah saw even violent nations coming to fear Israel.  Conversely, the prophet also saw the good side of Israel serving as a stronghold for the poor and needy and helping those caught in the storms of life.  Singing Praise!
FEASTING TOGETHER  (Isaiah 25:6-8)
The prophet foresaw a great feast to be enjoyed by all people who celebrated God's reign.  This reign would defeat death leading to everlasting joy to His followers.  The feast designed for the armies of God included prime cuts of choice meat.  Nothing but the best for God's people.  "God will destroy the burial shroud" is a figurative reference to sin as a barrier for full fellowship with God.  Echoing John on the Isle of Patmos, Isaiah said God would destroy death and remove His people's disgrace.  "God will wipe away all tears from every face." 
O glorious day as we feast together!
TRUSTING GOD  (Isaiah 25:9-10) 
"That day" refers to the time of God's salvation.  The remarkable time of salvation to God's people leads to shouts of praise to the long-awaited Messiah.  Being born again by His precious blood should make each of us rejoice and be glad.  One day God will return for His children.  He will save His people forever in accordance to His divine plan.  Trust God because Jesus Saves!  Jesus Saves! 
Charles Foxworth
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