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A Better Way . . .

A Better Way . . .


From the dawn of human history, the promise of a better way has caught our attention and stirred our desires.  Satan used it on Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and they fell for it.  To this very day, candidates use it, having found they get more votes that way.  The problem with falling for such promises is the soon-coming realization that we have been used for someone else's benefit, and for us, it is not a better way.


During the years of my military service, I did a lot of cross-country travelling.  I gained a good understanding of the major highways and where they went.  But they all went through some big cities, and traffic stack-ups were not uncommon.  So on my next trip across half of the U.S., I checked on "Map Quest" about alternative routes.  One option they offered was a map showing the shortest route from the starting point to the final destination.  It would take me through sections of the country I had not ever seen before.


The route looked interesting to me, so I decided to enjoy the new experiences.  All went well until I came to a "T" intersection.  I was to go straight ahead, but there was a fence, and a gate that had to be opened, and a two-track dirt road through a grassy pasture.  Not knowing what all it might entail . . . trying to go through there, I gave up on the map route, and recalculated back to a known route.  My "better way" turned out to be longer and more time consuming than my major highway route.  I learned my lesson, and have never tried that approach since. 

An important spiritual lesson exists in all of this.  The Bible tells us in John 14:6 (KJV) that Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."   No better way exists than His way.  Satan is always trying to trick us into a better way.  But his intent is to sell us a falsehood that will steal (everything of value that we have), kill (our earthly life), and destroy (our legacy) (See John 10:10).


So don't be deceived. Stick with the best way . . . "The Jesus' Way."  And the end result will be: a useful and fulfilling life, an example which points others to Jesus, and treasures in Heaven . . . which will be our delight through all eternity. 

Andrew (Andy) Johnson


Senior-Adult Pastor, Emeritus -- First Baptist Church, Ruston, Louisiana

Fighter Pilot, U. S. Marine Corps (1952-66, Ret.); Chaplain, U. S. Navy (1969-90, Ret.)


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