Connection Groups

Connection groups are…

Bible study groups that meet at various times 

Our purpose statement is “We exist to Love, Win, and Grow Ruston and the world for Christ.” We hope you will plug into a connection group to study God’s word with other believers

Preschool – 1st Floor of Children's Building 

These are postponed at this time

Connection Group (room)

Babies– Teachers: Ellen Glover, Cathy Smith and Diane Madden

Crawlers – Teachers: Roy Glover, and Janet Johnston

Walkers – Teachers: Emily Foster and Hailey Walford

2 year olds  – Teachers: Jennifer Broadway and Michael Broadway

3 year olds – Teachers: Jennifer Breeding and Warren & Hannah Odom 

4 years olds  – Teachers: Phyllis Batustic, Gloria Elliott, and Rose MacDaniels

Children – 2nd floor of children's Building

These are postponed at this time

Connection Group (room)

Kindergarten (201) – Teachers: Becca & Warren Bowen, Randy Elliott, and Scott Leachman

1st Grade (202) – Teachers: Elizabeth Goertz, Robin Goertz and Melissa Wiygul

2nd Grade (203) – Teachers: Gay & David Magee

3rd Grade (204) – Teachers: Amy Hiers and Dana Lamkin

4th Grade (205) – Teachers: Lori & Jay Keen and Cherie & James Odom

 5th Grade (206) - Teachers: Ray Madden and Jean Moore 

Youth- Middle school (Walters Building) High school (PowerHouse)

These are postponed at this time

 Middle School- Norman and Annie Rivera, Casey Blalock, Lane Odom, Dee Barnes, & Melinda Yocum 

High School- Phil Soileau, Mark Denton, Stephen Brown, David and Elaine Caston, Lindsey Bolton, Jenny Blalock, & Jnell Sanderson 

College- The Depot 

These are postponed at this time

College – Gregg and Andrea Phillips, John and Jennifer Morgan, Mike and Mary Benefield,  and Cheryl Leachman

Adult Connection Group Schedule

July 26—Sept 6

Masks are Encouraged and Chairs will be Spaced

You’re welcome to join whatever Class works for your Schedule & ‘Comfort/Safety’ Level.

Unfortunately, we are not quite ready for preschool or children Connection Groups yet. Because of limited space we ask that preschool and kids only attend extended session/kids worship once. 






  • Adult 0- Brown/Sunday/10:00 am/ Choir Room 
  • Adult 1- Shipley & Taylor/ Wednesday/6:00 pm/ The Depot 
  • Adult 2A- Dowling/Sunday/8:30 am/Zoom 
  • Adult 2B- Blacks & Telford/Sunday/9:50 am/ Walters Building 1st Floor 
  • Adult 2c- Yates/Sunday/9:50 am/ Walters Building 1st Floor
  • Adult 2d- Wooley/Brown/Sunday/9:50 am/Zoom 
  • Adult 3A- Sanders/Sunday/9:50 am/Walters Building 1st Floor 
  • Adult 3B- Ramsey/Sunday/9:50 am/ Walters Building 1st Floor 
  • Adult 3C- Magee/Saturday/6:00 pm/Zoom 
  • Adult 4A- Patterson/Sunday/10:00 am/Room 318
  • Adult 4B- Owen/Sunday/4:00 pm/Walters Building 1st Floor 
  • Adult 5A- Gilmore/Sunday/9:45 am/Fellowship Hall
  • Adult 5B- Bolton/Sunday/10:00 am/Room 321
  • Adult 6A- Corley/Sunday/ 9:45am/Zoom 
  • Adult 7A- Couples/Sunday/9:45 am / Room 315
  • Adult 7B- Ladies/Sunday/9:45am/Room 314
  • Adult 7C- Men/Sunday/9:45 am/ Room 326
  • Adult 8&9- Owen/Cruz/Wednesday/11:00 am/Sanctuary