Connection Groups

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Connection groups are…

Bible study groups that meet Sunday mornings at  9:50 a.m.

Our purpose statement is “We exist to Love, Win, and Grow Ruston and the world for Christ.” We hope you will plug into a connection group to study God’s word with other believers

Preschool – 1st Floor of Children's Building

Connection Group (room)

Babies– Teachers: Ellen Glover, Cathy Smith and Diane Madden

Crawlers – Teachers: Roy Glover, and Janet Johnston

Walkers – Teachers: Emily Foster and Hailey Walford

2 year olds  – Teachers: Jennifer Broadway and Michael Broadway

3 year olds – Teachers: Jennifer Breeding and Warren & Hannah Odom 

4 years olds  – Teachers: Phyllis Batustic, Gloria Elliott, and Rose MacDaniels

Children – 2nd floor of children's Building

Connection Group (room)

Kindergarten (201) – Teachers: Becca & Warren Bowen, Randy Elliott, and Scott Leachman

1st Grade (202) – Teachers: Elizabeth Goertz, Robin Goertz and Melissa Wiygul

2nd Grade (203) – Teachers: Gay & David Magee

3rd Grade (204) – Teachers: Amy Hiers and Dana Lamkin

4th Grade (205) – Teachers: Lori & Jay Keen and Cherie & James Odom

 5th Grade (206) - Teachers: Ray Madden and Jean Moore 


Middle school in Walters Building

High school in the PowerHouse

 Middle School- Norman and Annie Rivera, Casey Blalock, Lane Odom, Dee Barnes, & Melinda Yocum 

High School- Phil Soileau, Mark Denton, Stephen Brown, David and Elaine Caston, Lindsey Bolton, Jenny Blalock, & Jnell Sanderson 

College- The Depot

College – Gregg and Andrea Phillips, John and Jennifer Morgan, Mike and Mary Benefield,  and Cheryl Leachman



Adult 1a Co-ed 20’s/30’s: Grad Students (Walter's Building)

Adult 1b Co-ed 20’s/30’s: Single Adults *room 101 (Walter's Building)

Adult 2a:  20’s Married less than 4 yrs. *room 202 (Walter's Building)

Adult 2b: 20’s/early 30’s  Co-ed/Married (No children- Elementary age) *room 203 (Walter's Building)

Adult 2c: Late 20’s/30’s Co-ed/Married (No children – Elementary age) *room 201 (Walter's Building)

Adult 3a: 30’s   Co-ed/Married (No children- Elementary age)*room 314

Adult 3b: 30’s/Early 40’s  Co-ed/Married (No children- Junior high age) *room 324

Adult 3c: 30’s/Early 40’s  Co-ed/Married (No children- High school age)*room 316

Adult 3d: 30’s/Early 40’s Ladies class *room 322

Adult 4a: Late 30’s/40’s  Co-ed/Married (No children-College age) *room 318

Adult 0, 5-8

9:50 am-10:45 am
Classes meet and study books of the Bible using the Explore the Bible or Bible Studies for Life curriculum from Lifeway.

Adult 0: Any age  Single Adults *choir room

Adult 5a: 50’s  Co-ed/Married  (College/Empty nest)  *room 319

Adult 5b: 50’s  Co-ed/Married  (Empty nest)  *room 321

Adult 6a: 55+ Co-ed/Married  (Empty nest)  *room 317

Adult 6b:  55+  Ladies class  *room 328

Adult 7a: 60+ Co-ed/Married  *room 330

Adult 7b: 60+ Ladies  *room 315

Adult 7c: 60+ Men’s class *room 326

Adult 8a: 65+  Co-ed/Married  *Fellowship Hall A

Adult 8b: 65+  Ladies class * room 208 in the Fellowship Hall

Adult 8c: 65+ Men’s class * room 209 in the Fellowship Hall

Adult 9: 70+  Co-ed class * Bridal room