Connection Groups

Connection groups are…

Bible study groups that meet Sunday mornings at  9:50 a.m.

Our purpose statement is “We exist to Love, Win, and Grow Ruston and the world for Christ.” We hope you will plug into a connection group to study God’s word with other believers

Preschool – 1st Floor of the Walters Children’s Building

Connection Group (room)

Babies (102 sheep) – Teachers: Ellen Glover, Cathy Smith and Diane Madden

Crawlers (104 turtle) – Teachers: Roy Glover, Janet Johnston, and Mercedes Fife

Walkers ( 106 monkey) – Teachers: Emily Foster, Sarah Norton, Micaela LaBarron, and Hannah Aycock

2 year olds B (101 lion) – Teachers: Lynn Hicks and Jennifer Broadway

3 year olds (107 giraffe) – Teachers: Carolyn Banks, Becky and Bernard Gemelli

3 year olds (105 bear) – Teachers: Jennifer Breeding and Leah Hall

Children – 2nd floor of the Walters Children’s Building

Connection Group (room)

4 years olds (200) – Teachers: Phyllis Batustic, Gloria Elliott, and Rose MacDaniels

Kindergarten (203) – Teachers: Becca & Warren Bowen, Randy Elliott, and Scott Leachman

1st Grade (202) – Teachers: Elizabeth Goertz, Robin Goertz and Melissa Wiygul

2nd Grade (204) – Teachers: Gay & David Magee

3rd Grade (201) – Teachers: Amy & Scott Hiers, and Dana Talley

4th Grade (205) – Teachers: Kayli & Joey Messina and Cherie & James Odom

 5th Grade (207) - Teachers: Ray Madden and Jean Moore 

Youth- PowerHouse


During the Summer Josh and Branden will be teaching  

College- The Depot

College Students – Teachers: Gregg and Andrea Phillips, John and Jennifer Morgan, Mike and Mary Benefield,  and Cheryl Leachman


9:50 am – 10:10 am – Fellowship & Ministry
Each Sunday you start in your life stage class (see included list). This is a time to talk , share a little food, and address prayer & ministry needs.
10:15 am-10:50 am – Teaching Time
We present new topics every six weeks. Some class cycle stay together and other cycles are given the opportunity to attend any Bible study. Dates and topics can be found at


Adult 1 Co-ed 20’s/30’s: Single Adults *room 321

Adult 2a:  20’s Married less than 4 yrs. *room 323

Adult 2b: 20’s/early 30’s  Co-ed/Married (No children- Elementary age) *room 324

Adult 2c: Late 20’s/30’s Co-ed/Married (No children – Elementary age) *room 322

Adult 3a: 30’s   Co-ed/Married (No children- Elementary age)*room 314

Adult 3b: 30’s/Early 40’s  Co-ed/Married (No children- Junior high age) *room 318

Adult 3c: 30’s/Early 40’s  Co-ed/Married (No children- High school age)*room 315

Adult 3d: 30’s/Early 40’s Ladies class *room 325

Adult 4a: Late 30’s/40’s  Co-ed/Married (No children-College age) *room 316

Adult 4b: 30’s/ Early 40’s: Parents of Teenagers room: Café Area of the PowerHouse 

Adult 0, 5-8

9:50 am-10:45 am
Classes meet and study books of the Bible using the Explore the Bible or Bible Studies for Life curriculum from Lifeway.

Adult 0: Any age  Single Adults *room 321

Adult 5a: 50’s  Co-ed/Married  (College/Empty nest)  *room 319

Adult 5b: 50’s  Co-ed/Married  (Empty nest)  *room 322

Adult 6a: 55+ Co-ed/Married  (Empty nest)  *room 317

Adult 6b:  55+  Ladies class  *room 328

Adult 7a: 60+ Co-ed/Married  *Fellowship Hall B

Adult 7b: 60+ Ladies  *room 330

Adult 7c: 60+ Men’s class *room 327

Adult 8a: 65+  Co-ed/Married  *Fellowship Hall A

Adult 8b: 65+  Ladies class * room 209 in the Fellowship Hall

Adult 8c: 65+ Men’s class * room 208 in the Fellowship Hall

Adult 9: 70+  Co-ed class * Bridal room